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Secondary Cities (2C) is a field-based initiative of the Office of the Geographer to map for Resiliency, Human Security, and Emergency Preparedness.

We build partnerships to create geospatial capacity, enhance understanding through data and mapping, and enable science-based decision making.

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Human Geography data collected during each
Secondary City project are available via the Secondary Cities Hub

Data integrity is the maintenance and assurance of accuracy and consistency of data over its entire life cycle. Integrity is essential to project design as well as data creation, generation, development, analysis, and management.


Our lead partners facilitate relationships with local partners in the field and work with embassy and local government officials, universities, and non-governmental organizations

2C project and partners support any one or combination of open source and proprietary geospatial tools and technologies for data generation, data management and sharing, data visualization, and remote sensing. 2Cs has established a partnership with Esri to use their ArcGIS software products.